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About Me

I love to create!  I started knitting back in 2004 when I found myself between jobs and enjoying some downtime before the next big transition in my life.  One Saturday afternoon I sat down with some yarn and aluminum needles I had purchased at Walmart, and a copy of Debbie Stoller's "Stitch N'Bitch."  Little did I know that I was starting a lifelong obsession with all things fiber!!!

Shortly thereafter, I was a newlywed, expecting my first child and still a fledgling knitter.  I immersed myself in baby knits, and it was such a comforting and creative way to prepare for motherhood.  I joined a local SNB group, took knitting classes, read pattern books like they were going out of style, and had a blast playing with my yarn and needles!  During this time I was also reading the Harry Potter books for the first time, so my love and obsession for this magical world is inextricably intertwined with my passion for knitting.

Here we are, almost 13 years later, and I am more obsessed with crafts than ever!  About six years ago I added crocheting to my skill set.  Crochet now has a permanent place in my heart, and I love the comfort of working on crocheted afghans and other projects.  In addition to having an incurable addiction to yarn, I also cannot seem to collect enough project bags, stitch markers, needle sets, crochet hooks..... yikes.  No complaints here, though.... it is such a fun life!

In addition to fiber crafts, I love to sew and make my own project bags!  (You can check out my Etsy shop HERE!)  I'm also learning how to quilt and am so excited to have a whole new creative medium to play with.  As if I don't have enough hobbies, I also indulge my sticker and washi tape obsession through creative planning using the Emily Ley Simplified Planner!  I also use and enjoy Lara Casey's PowerSheets, and memory keeping (this year, 2018, I am doing Ali Edwards One Little Word, Day in the Life, and Week in the Life).  Paper crafts add a fun balance to my fiber-y/ fabric-y life. 

Lastly, I must add cross-stitch to my list of crafty obsessions!  I have been so inspired by the beautiful kawaii designs created by the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery (I love all things kawaii!).  I am in the infant stage of learning this craft, but it has been such fun gathering tools and learning new techniques.  I look forward to continuing to learn more about it!

My life may be busy as a wife and mother of five kids, but I love it!  I discuss my adventures in motherhood and housewifery in the podcast, among other aspects of my life.

And last but certainly not least, when I have spare time, I love to read!  My absolute favorite authors are Jane Austen, Deborah Harkness (the All Souls Trilogy), and J. K. Rowling (I'm a Hufflepuff!).  I also love the Bronte sisters (especially Jane Eyre), the Outlander series, anything by Maggie Stiefvater, Patricia Briggs, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and I'm always on the lookout for new supernatural fiction to love!  (Feel free to find me on Goodreads!)

Thank you so much for supporting my blog and video podcast!  I hope you enjoy the content, because I sure do love sharing my obsessions with you all.  CHEERS!  :)


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Spring Update and Goodbye For Now

Hello everyone!  It has been a minute since I have been able to sit down and connect with everyone.  It's early morning here in Oregon, and I'm sipping hot English breakfast tea while the baby naps in his swing.  Quiet moments like these are rare nowadays, so I savor them when I have them!

Alaric is doing very well.  He is being seen and monitored weekly (and sometimes more).  There have been some changes with his heart function, but no solid plan has emerged yet.  Surgery may happen sooner than the original time frame we were given (4-6 months of age), but there are still so many unknowns.  I feel like I have gotten really good at making peace with the unknowns, and just taking it day by day.

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I must apologize for losing steam on Vlogmas this year!  It was something I genuinely wanted to do, and had continued to film and edit even though I didn't have time to finish editing and posting videos (after day 8, I think).  Eventually I was so behind, I decided to just let it go and try again some other year.  I also grossly underestimated my own energy levels at that point in the pregnancy.  As I moved into the third trimester, I was feeling extremely tired and had to reserve the energy I had for caring for my family and doing all of the things that go into holiday preparation.  Anyway, I wish I could have kept it up longer than I did, but I had a lot of fun making the few videos I did make!  Thank you all for being so patient with me and understanding.

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