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The Knitting Broomstick: EPISODE 21: Nuts for Gnome Acres!

The Knitting Broomstick: EPISODE 20: Zombie Mama (Zombama?)

Episode 20 contains a TON of knitting, TWO giveaways, mini skeins galore, KCALS, and a surprise guest at the end!  ENJOY!  Show notes are below (yes, I actually did show notes!  YAY ME!)


Yarns Mentioned:

Mint Rain Hand Dyed Yarns (Sassenach and Standing Stones; February Harry Potter mini skeins)
Voolenvine Yarns (Stellar Banshee on Wolke and Outlander on Footsie)
Gnome Acres (Little Bunny Foo-Foo on Squishy Gnome)
Pandia's Jewels (Oi!  Watch it, Spaceman! on Snug)
A Homespun House (Half-Blood Prince on Bakken)
Supernatural Yarns (Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly)

Patterns Mentioned:

Across the Pond Shawl
Lidian Sweater
Cozy Memories Blanket
Featherweight Cardigan
Oi!  Watch it Spaceman!  Doctor Who inspired Socks
Bowties Are Cool MKAL

Podcasts Mentioned:

The Spicy Homemaker Podcast
In A Sknit
Inside Number 23
The Knitting Expat
A Homespun House
This Old Knit  

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