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Tiny Owl Knits 15 in 2015

I am really behind on my blogging!  To sum it up, a nasty respiratory virus hit my family a couple of weeks ago and seriously flattened me.  The kids missed school for a whole week, and we are all still recovering from the lingering effects of this nasty illness.  Ugh!  Thankfully we ARE getting better, though, and life goes on!

Of course, as anyone with a family knows, any setback like that (illness, surgery, trip, whatever) leads to major setbacks around the house.  Or maybe "pile-ups" is a more accurate term!  I've got laundry (both dirty and clean) piled up in any available place all over the house.  I'm really overdue on basic house cleaning tasks, so you won't see me entertaining anytime soon!  Oh, well.  I try not to stress about it too much, and for those people who DO actually visit us, I try to remember the adage "those who matter, don't mind.  And those who mind, don't matter!" 

I have been getting a lot of crafting done in all this m…