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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Osgood-Inspired Scarf

In early January 2014, I began knitting this scarf.  Whovians will recognize it as the one worn by the awesome character Osgood in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special.  I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it (as did many DW fans!), and I knew I had to make it!  I prefer the style and the colors to the Tom Baker scarf, so I was really excited to start it.  I knew it would be a bit of a massive undertaking, as it is meant to be really long, there are many color changes, and its knit in 1x1 rib.  So it makes perfect sense that I started it just two days before having a baby, right? I worked on it here and there, when I could, after our daughter was born, but progress was definitely slow.  As the 1-year mark approached, I knew I wanted to get it finished up.  I wanted to be able to wear it and enjoy it before winter faded away into spring and such a ginormous, heavy scarf would be laughable (and, well, HOT!).  I also didn't want it to languish in my WIP pile any longer. 

Moogly 2015 CAL, Square #2 (Sunburst Square)

Its crazy how excited I was for the pattern to come out for this on January 22!  I was glued to my computer as soon as I woke up, and kept checking until the pattern FINALLY appeared!  Of course I couldn't get to it right away what with picking up kids from school, making lunches, and doing all the normal mom stuff.  But you better believe I was all over it as soon as I could! The first square was really challenging for me.  This square was not challenging at all; I had to rip back a few stitches a couple of times for my own stupid mistakes, but otherwise it came very easily to me.  I was feeling pretty good about that!  I had a BLAST making this square.  I finished it before I went to bed that night! The colors I chose come from the leftover yarn from my Doctor Who Osgood scarf (future blog post about that, too.... I'm a bit behind!).  I wanted it to be kinda Doctorish and Osgoodish.  So there you go!  Square #2 for the Moogly 2015 CAL, and another block for the Mariah Squ

Valentine Sweetheart Hat

Insomnia is no fun.... still, I am finding ways to make it less aggravating. I try to read (if my eyes aren't too tired), or catch up on favorite TV shows. And lately, I have been perusing knitting and crochet patterns on Ravelry and Facebook a LOT. My queue is bursting at the seams thanks to all of this late-night queuing going on! The other night, I had two projects I was busily working on and trying to finish. I took a brief break to check Facebook, and came across this adorable baby sweetheart valentine hat. I just knew I had to STOP everything I was doing and make it for my daughter! So.... I did! The pattern is written for a small baby (probably newborn), and my daughter is wearing toddler sizes now. So I added a few rows and made some minor modifications in order for it to fit her. I also opted NOT to make the puffballs. I really hate making puffballs, so I did braids instead. I have since ordered a Clover puffball maker in the hopes of finding some peace with

Book Review: Make Your Own Rules Diet by Tara Stiles

Make Your Own Rules Diet by Tara Stiles My rating: 5 of 5 stars The overall message of this book is something that needs to be said, and definitely needs to be put out there. It seems so many people are obsessed with finding the perfect diet or weight-loss program, and Tara simply says we don't need more programs; we need to learn to listen to ourselves and our intuition. It may seem simple, but in this noisy, chaotic world, its often the last thing we turn to. I gave this book five stars because I feel its such an empowering and important message. Otherwise, it is a very simple book (and that is actually a good thing). Again, we (as a society) gravitate to the complicated and overly-complex because we believe that is how things must be in order for them to work! If so, wouldn't they be working? Wouldn't we have more happy people with fewer weight issues in this country if that were the truth? So maybe the whole idea of listening to ourselves and learning to tru

Moogly 2015 CAL, Square #1 (Second Try; Two Colors)

I finished my second try at the first Moogly square, this time using TWO colors instead of just one.  Its so beautiful with two colors!  I've also seen many squares completed using multiple colors, and they are gorgeous as well.... I could probably spend the year just doing this square over and over, lol, I love it so much! In any case, here is my two-toned square.  I learned quite a bit from doing it a second time.  I had made some mistakes on the first ones in the corners on some of the rows.  Nothing major, and nothing that would affect the overall shape; though I find that this square is a little bit neater overall.  It also came out to measure a full inch bigger than the last one (11" x 11"), though it used the same amount of yarn. And there you have it!  My second of the first, or something like that!  The next square's pattern will be released on January 22.  I'm SO excited!

"If you're feeling helpless, help someone": Mariah Squares

In an earlier post I wrote about how I'm participating in the Moogly 2015 CAL.  Every two weeks a new square pattern is released, and by the end of the year you have enough for an afghan!  As I committed to doing this project, I started thinking about what I would do with the afghan. It came to me almost immediately:  I knew I wanted to donate the afghans (as I plan to make two) to a local cancer treatment center in honor of my dear friend Mariah, who passed away from the disease last year. For months, I have been carrying around the sadness and grief that accompanies losing a loved one, and as many people can relate, I have felt so helpless about it.  I felt angry that I didn't get to say goodbye.  I felt angry that cancer had taken such a bright and beautiful soul.  Sometimes my feelings and emotions don't match up with my own spiritual beliefs; and I know that is typical with grief.  Grief is raw, pure emotion, and it doesn't follow the lines of logic or even

Moogly 2015 CAL, Square #1 (Single Color)

Remember how I posted earlier how I'm not going to do any specific crafting goals this year?  That I'm just going to focus on fun?  Well, as it turns out, I'm a big fat liar!  I couldn't resist setting goals.  And its stuff I plan to do anyway, so since I can't really distinguish between "plans" and "goals," lol, I'm just going with it! One of the goals was to continue to improve my crochet skills.  I am really enjoying learning more stitches and techniques and expanding my skills, and I wanted to continue that.  Along those lines, I started seeing posts about this Moogly CAL that took place last year and is taking place again this year.  It is hosted by crochet blogger Moogly, and basically a different blanket square pattern is released every 2 weeks.  By the end of the year, assuming you have done all the squares, you have enough for a giant afghan! Now I've made my share of granny squares, but I could do those in my sleep.  I wante

Olaf Hats!

And the Frozenpalooza continues!  This time I made two Olaf hats for my older sons.  These were improvised.  I started with a simple white bucket hat, and then improvised the eyes, nose, etc.  I used pipe cleaners for the "twigs" on top of his head.  I wished I could have used brown, but could only find black, so there you go! I have since learned a much better method for doing the mouth (or other such facial features/ details/ extras).  Its called "surface crochet" and while I haven't tried it yet, I am really excited about how useful it will be for the many character hats I no doubt have in my future!  I'll keep y'all posted on that!  I love that I learn something new with each project! In the meantime, here are the Olaf hats:

Frozen Inspired Elsa Hat #2

When you have more than one kid, and you make one of those kids something awesome, chances are at least one of the other kids is going to want one, too!  And so it was!  My youngest son just had to have an Elsa hat, too.  He wanted an even longer braid.  As soon as it was finished and he tried it on, he made me play "Let It Go" and he sat there lip syncing and wildly gesticulating like he was throwing magical snow and ice everywhere.  It was, in a word, awesome!  :) And here are the two hats together!

Frozen Inspired Elsa Hat #1

Since my daughter's first birthday is happening THIS WEEK (still cannot believe it!!!!) and we are throwing a Frozen-themed birthday party, I wanted to craft some fun Elsa and Anna hats for the bash! This first one is for my daughter.  This is the Elsa hat; I love how it came out!  It was a really quick and fun project! Of course, as soon as I finished this hat, my youngest son just HAD to have one, too.  Stay tuned!  ;) As for project details, I used Red Heart yarn for the hair and the main color of the hat.  Vanna's choice provided the contrasting color, and I used a J hook.  There are lots of great patterns (many free) for Anna and Elsa hats on Ravelry!  Mine came from Rick-A-Bam-Boo and I thought it was a great pattern. I think we are ready to belt out LET IT GO!!!

Elixir to Induce Euphoria (Corrugated Crochet) Hat

I learned how to do post stitches in crochet recently in my online group's study hall!  It was really easy once I got the hang of it, and the more I did it the more it became like second nature. The only tricky thing about this hat came at the end, with the reverse single crochet edging.  It wasn't difficult to do either, but it was strange; it felt kind of like writing with your left hand if you are right-handed (or the reverse if you are left-handed).  I love how this hat turned out!  I would write more but I'm sleep deprived and exhausted.... enjoy the pictures! The yarn is Elixir to Induce Euphoria from a Harry Potter-inspired Potions Club by Supernatural Yarns.  I LOVE how the colorway worked out in this hat!  It is the perfect winter hat to me; its so colorful, cheerful, and makes me smile every time I look at it! I used an H hook (my hook of choice, lol!) and my brand new Dalek (Doctor Who) project bag from Slipped Stitch Studios!  Thanks, Santa!

Farewell, 2014: What I Accomplished

2014 was a stellar year overall!  Not only did we add a beautiful, amazing daughter to our family, and my sons made me prouder than ever just with their daily existence; I also fit in a LOT of crafting! First, my yardage totals: I crocheted 3,958 yards, and knit 7,630 yards.  WOW!  That is the first time I've tracked yardage for a full year's worth of crafting.... pretty cool!  I'm doing it again this year for sure! As I have posted about before, I also finished my 12-socks-in-2014 challenge.  There are separate blog posts for each pair of completed socks, but here is a picture of all twelve pairs together in their full glory:  (forgive the crappy photo.  My youngest has been teething and sick and everything I do right now has to be accomplished one-handed, while also holding her!  So this was literally the best I could do at the time, lol!) I also achieved my goal of knitting each of my four children a hat and sweater for Christmas. It took me all year, but