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Hogwarts Tote Bag

AI have blogged before about a trip I took to LeakyCon back in 2013.  It was epic, and one of the very best weekends of my life, thanks to the awesome friends I got to hang out with and the great times we had!  During that trip, one of my pals had brought a beautiful Hogwarts bag that she had crocheted.  It was gorgeous, and I have admired it ever since.  I really wanted to make one, but it got pushed down my queue by other things (this year, mostly Christmas knitting and SOCKS!). Recently though, Jen (aforementioned pal), hosted a CAL for the Hogwarts bag and I decided that now was as good a time as any!  In fact, now is the ONLY time, but I'll save my timey-whimy, wibbly-wobbly philosophical discussions for some other time.  ;)   I went out and bought the yarn, which was super inexpensive (thanks, Red Heart!), and ordered the patches online.  At the time, Amazon had a pretty sparse selection for patches, and because of that, the prices were sky high.  Thankfully I found a good

Crafting Harry Potter Spellbooks and Project Journals

My kids are (finally!) as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am, and I confess to feeding their addiction with fun crafts and toys! Lately, after receiving new wands, they have been trying to remember the spells featured in the Harry Potter books and films.  I suggested it might be a good idea to keep a spellbook with a list of spells so that they could start to remember them (I also saw this as a great opportunity to have them willingly practice their reading and writing skills!). A few years ago, I had made myself a really neat project journal out of a simple blank composition book and some simple scrapbook supplies.  This journal ended up being indispensable!  I use it more than I use my daily planner.  In its pages I have planned the births of two of my children, kept lists for gifts (Christmas, birthdays, and other) for the past three years, planned countless menus, and most of all, kept notes on my many ongoing crafty projects! I am nearing the end of this awesome book that I

Paper Snowflake Mania!

The kids are out of school for awhile, and I've been coming up with different winter/ Christmas-related crafts for them to do.  Gotta keep those kids busy! Today, we worked on making it snow in the house.... with paper snowflakes!  There are actually a TON of great tutorials on YouTube for various paper snowflake-making techniques.... if you need inspiration, that is where you should go!  I chose a rather simple video for the kids to start with.  For the younger ones, I pre-cut and folded the paper so they could just snip out their designs.  My older kids were able to cut and fold their own paper, and they came up with a lot of amazing designs! After cutting them, we took various lengths of white yarn, attached them to each snowflake, and strung them around the house on the ceiling, the chandelier, and any other place we could find!  Our house now looks like the scene from the movie "Elf" where Buddy decorates his Dad's apartment overnight.... paper snowflakes eve

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