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Claire Beauchamp's Herbal Gauntlets (Outlander Inspired)

Like most of the world right now, I have Outlander fever.  And I'm sure its abundantly apparent at this point that my crafting life tends to reflect my fandom life.... I love to create things associated with the fandoms I love!

So, to celebrate one of my all-time favorite book series come to life on the small screen, I participated in a KAL/ CAL for fingerless mitts that (hopefully) resemble one of the pairs Claire's character wears.
I am desperately hoping that a book or magazine of Outlander-inspired knits is in the works somewhere, because this show has some seriously drool-worthy knitwear in it!  I really don't know what I find more distracting:  Jamie in his kilt, or Claire's gorgeous knit gauntlets, capelets, shawls, and cowls?  Hmmmmm..... hard to determine for sure!
In any case, my queue is virtually exploding with Outlander-ish things that I simply must create.  I think my next attempt will be Claire's fabulous cowl.... its so pretty!  I may just improvise…