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Weasley Sweater #2

As mentioned in an earlier post, July has been a crazy month.  I was seriously freaking out that I would not finish my July socks let alone this sweater.  Seriously.  Freaking.  Out.  As I furiously stitched in the evenings while watching TV with the hubby, I would be sitting in my corner with my craft light muttering things like, "I'm never going to finish this by the 31st.... must.... knit..... faster..... what was I thinking..... how am I ever going to accomplish this....." Thankfully hubby is used to my "colorful" (crazy?) craft-related ramblings, so he didn't take much note....

....with the exception of one fateful evening when he had the gall to ask me, "so what if you don't finish by the 31st?  The world isn't going to end.  Just take a few extra days to get it done.  No big deal."  No big deal????  I stared at him wondering if he'd ever MET me before.  I then proceeded to give him an earful that my OWL examiners in the House Cup* would NOT be understanding of that fact, and that a deadline is a deadline, and if I want my badge (which I have been coveting and dreaming about for a long time now) then I absolutely MUST finish and there are no ifs ands or buts about it, and I took on this commitment willingly and therefore I HAVE to get it done....

I don't think he'll ask me about my knitting deadlines anymore.  Yeah.  Pretty sure about that.  ;)

All the fretting was for naught, however, because I DID finish, and with a few days to spare (I LOVE it when that happens!).  This means that I actually have a few days to get my yarn and supplies prepped for all the projects I'm planning for August!  Yay!  More about that in a future post...

So check it out!  In all of its glory, my SECOND Weasley sweater!

I am feeling pretty confident that my final 2 Weasley sweaters will be a breeze, as they will be smaller sizes (one toddler and one infant), and I am VERY familiar with the pattern by now (I might be able to make it in my sleep.... but let's not test that theory).

I do have ONE little issue that I've been trying to figure out.  I am not super stoked about the bottom of the sweater.  Just leaving it as plain stockinette means it does that lovely little stockinette roll.... but I have to say I don't like how it works on this sweater.  I felt that way with the first one, and so I made the torso of this one even longer than the pattern called for, but it still rolls up so dramatically its like carrying a doughnut around the midsection (may I remind you here that I am a Leo and have a penchant for the dramatics).  I haven't tried this on any of my children yet (it is, after all, a Christmas surprise), so I'm not really sure how it will hang on an actual human being, and not just lying around on the couch.  Perhaps I am worrying for nothing. 

I thought about maybe doing a seed stitch border for the future sweaters, but I really want them all to be identical (except for yarn color and initials, of course).  *Sigh.*  What to do?  For now I'll leave it, and pray that somehow I will figure out a way to try the sweater on my son without him seeing it.  Perhaps while he is sleeping, and hope I don't wake him up?  I wonder if I could get this sucker over his head while he is blindfolded?  Hmmmmmmm.......

In the meantime, it is onward to sweater #3!  That one shall be interesting too, since I have no yarn picked out and not even sure what colors I want to use.... stay tuned!

Yarn:  Premier Deborah Norville Collection, Serenity Chunky Weight, in Green and Pristine (for the duplicate stitch)

Needles:  Addi Turbo Interchangeables, size US 7

Pattern:  The Weasley Sweater by Alison Hansel (from the book "Charmed Knits" by Alison Hansel)

Yardage:  853 Yards

Crafting Dates:  July 1 - 26, 2014

Audiobooks/ Viewing Choices:  Since this was such a big project, I listened to and watched a LOT of things during the creation of this sweater!  Many evenings of stitching were spent while watching "Whale Wars" with the hubs; also "Sherlock"; during the days I would sometimes watch "Don't Be Tardy", or I'd listen to the audiobooks of "Mockingjay" by Suzanne Collins and "The Book of Life" by Deborah Harkness

*The House Cup is a Harry Potter-based crafting competition group I play in on Ravelry.  Go Hufflepuff!


  1. I LOVE IT!

    And don't ask me why I know this or where I picked it up because as a crocheter I couldn't tell you. lol But I've heard that doing an I-cord bind off helps with the roll.


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