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Weasley Sweater #1

I'm crazy. If there was ever any doubt, let's just clear this up right now: I am bonafide, 100% nutso.

It all started innocently enough.  A few years ago, when I had gotten to the point where I was knitting every day and pumping out a fair number of projects, I decided it would be a cool tradition to knit one handmade item for my children each year as a Christmas present.  Did you read that?  ONE handmade item.  Just ONE.  That was the plan, the original intention.  And the first year, I totally stuck to that, and each of them got a brand new knitted hat from me.

Last year, I was pregnant with my fourth child, and instead of nesting (as in, cleaning and organizing the house), I was CRAFT nesting.  I couldn't stop knitting and crocheting.  Apparently, that is how I nest now!  I ended up making each child a brand new hat AND a set of duplicate stitch mittens.  Still small projects, so no big shakes, right?

Fast forward to now.  I have dedicated pretty much my entire year t…

Book Review: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line (Veronica Mars, #1) by Rob Thomas

The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rob Thomas is REALLY good at shocking me. He managed to shock me all through the 3 seasons of Veronica Mars (the TV show), and then again with the movie, and again with the book. I love the unexpected twists and turns he comes up with. I was utterly entertained and engrossed in this novel from beginning to end! And as a huge Veronica Mars fan, I feel SO lucky that I now have the TV show, the movie, and a book to enjoy over and over again. I hope he will keep writing this series, because I loved every second of it and could not put it down!

(Sidenote: I really hope Joss Whedon takes note of what Rob Thomas is doing here. "Firefly: The Novel" anyone????)

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LeakyCon 2013 Anniversary

I wrote the following blog just a few days after I went to LeakyCon 2013 in Portland, Oregon.  It was a year ago, almost to the day, that I was able to participate in this awesome event with some of my closest friends.  It was truly one of the highlights of my life, and I treasure the memories made there.  I am excited to go again, hopefully in the next year or two!  

Anyway, to celebrate this one-year anniversary of LeakyCon 2013, I am publishing this blog post.  For some reason I never published it before; I think I had intended to finish it and just never got around to it.  So, here it is... happy one year LeakyCon 2013 anni!  :)

JULY 6, 2013:

This past weekend, I was among the many lucky Harry Potter fans traveling to Portland, Oregon for LeakyCon 2013!  For those who don't know, LeakyCon is a convention that celebrates all things Harry Potter, and also includes other fan favorites like Doctor Who, Torchwood, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, the Hunger Games, Buffy the Vampire Sl…

June 2014 Socks: Don't Blink!

Confession:  I've been in a sock rut!  My knitmotions (these are "knitting emotions") have vacillated wildly already this year, and its only six months into the 12-socks-in-2014 challenge.  If you recall, I blogged about wanting to quit in MARCH (didn't last long, did I?).  Thankfully, I toughed it out with simpler socks that didn't eat up too much time.  For three months in a row, I did really basic, no-pattern socks.

And guess what?  I GOT BORED!  Not surprising for someone like me, with the attention span of a hyper 2-week old chihuahua.  Still though, I didn't have any patterns in mind for the June socks, until I randomly one day went pattern browsing on Ravelry (this is NEVER a good idea!).  I entered "Doctor Who" and a plethora of awesome, nerdtastic patterns came up!  (I have tons of them queued.  Prepare for a future onslaught of Doctor-Who-related knits!)

The one that smacked me upside the head and demanded to be knit IMMEDIATELY, however, …

Owls for the Cure Stuffie

As mentioned in a previous post, a dear friend of mine is designing owl-related patterns in order to help raise money for cancer research.  This is the latest pattern she created, which I was so lucky as to test knit!

I LOVED knitting this little guy!  It helps that I love owls, but this one in particular is just adorable.  He's the perfect size for a child's stocking stuffer, or just a very encouraging gift for anyone who has been touched by cancer.  You can knit the scarf in any color you want to support a certain type of cancer, or choose purple, which represents ALL cancer.
 Cedric Diggory, a fellow Hufflepuff, stopped by to congratulate me on my cute little owl.  (Forgive him for looking angry; facing down Voldemort will do that to you.)
 The color I chose for my owl's scarf is pink, which represents breast cancer awareness.  I chose this color because I have known far too many women who have been afflicted with this disease.
And lastly, I love this shot because it lo…

Matthew Clairmont's Oxford New College Scarf

In case I have never mentioned it before, I am OBSESSED with a book trilogy by Deborah Harkness.  The first is A Discovery of Witches, the second is Shadow of Night, and the third is The Book of Life (to be released JULY 15!!!!!!!!!!!!).  And now, I shall tell my tale of how I happened upon these magnificent books...

In early 2011, I was reading Parade Magazine, and they had an article about "books to watch out for."  A Discovery of Witches was featured (as it was about to be released), and there was nothing more than a tiny blurb about it.  It doesn't matter how tiny the blurb was, though.  Just seeing the beautiful cover and reading the title, I just KNEW I would have to read this book.  I pre-ordered it on my Kindle, and read it almost as soon as it came out.

No, I DEVOURED it.  I could not put it down, and haven't been that enchanted and entranced by a book in a very long time.  I quickly purchased the hardback and audio versions after I finished it, and so far h…

Teddy Bear

This is a project I finished recently, and it will likely be one of my favorite things that I make all year! 

I should make it clear that I do NOT have a good history with stuffies.  When it comes to knitting them, I'm fairly terrible at it.  I also don't enjoy it, which could be why I'm terrible at it.  I love knitting, but something about the fussiness required to produce a stuffie just stifles my creativity ("stuffies just stifle"... say that ten times fast!).  I pretty much gave up on the idea of creating stuffies with yarn, until...

I discovered crochet!  I don't mind making fussy things with crochet; and in fact I enjoy it!  Still, though, they rarely turn out exactly how I want them to (crooked eyes, uneven limbs), so my enthusiasm was at a measured trickle until I could see how things were going to turn out.

I almost gave up as soon as I started the first ear (which is how the project begins).  The yarn is uber-thick and unforgiving (polyester) and on…

Sundays are for Food Prep

Sundays are the days I set aside to prepare for the coming week. With a husband who works a LOT and four kids engaged in various activities, this food prep has become an essential activity for me. I'm not a super organized person, but the more kids I have, the more I find myself slipping into habits that resemble an organized person's life. Organization is a survival mode necessitated by having a big family!

Today, I started by prepping lunches for the next few days while my baby had her morning nap. I made 9 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (3 of them gluten-free), and 2 peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwiches. That takes care of lunches for the next two days. I also prepped hubby's lunch box with chips, dessert, snacks, and water, and my son's school lunch with fruit, pretzels, chocolate soymilk, and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Next, I made dessert for the coming week. When you have a big family, you get used to automatically doubling every reci…