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April 2014 Socks Complete

This will be a short post, because its late and I'm tired and it has been a cuh-razy long day/ weekend/ month!  I am so pleased that I got April's socks done, however, and this makes pair number FOUR of the year, which means I am still on-track for getting 12 done in 12 months!  Also, this is the SECOND pair that I intend to give as a Christmas gift, which means the SECOND gift is done and its only April.  Feelin' pretty good about that!  This pair is intended for son #3.  He loves pink and princess things, hence the pink toes and cuffs.  He also loves blue, so I made the body of the socks blue.  Its the perfect little marriage of color for my darling little guy.

One technical note:  this is also my second pair that I have made now WITHOUT any pattern.  I think this pair came out better than March's pair.  In other words, I think I'm getting better at understanding and creating basic sock structure.  Maybe after one more pair of patternless plain socks, I will try …

Long Distance Lace Shawlette COMPLETE!

Drum roll, please!  Stick a fork in it because this shawl is DONE!  We'll go light on commentary and heavy on photos for this post.  I intend this to be a gift for a friend, and so I wanted it to be perfect.  Each time I made a mistake, I tinked back and fixed it.  I am SO excited to give this to aforementioned friend... yay!  Now enough blabber, check this beauty out:

Pattern:  Long-Distance Lace Shawlette by Vickie Howell (Spring/ Summer 2014 Issue of Knit Simple Magazine

Yarn:Annie Yarn Madison Worsted in color "O'Tealy" (3 skeins/ roughly 600+ yards)

Needles:Knit Picks Harmony Interchangeables size US 7; 40" cord

Project Bag: Hogwarts by Slipped Stitch Studios

Notions needed:  Aside from measuring tape and scissors, this pattern does not require stitch markers or anything else (unless you want to count stitches, which I didn't); also blocking supplies

KAL:  I participated in two KALs for this shawl:  the first is Vickie Howell's Stitch.Rock.Love quarterly …

April 2014 Socks: Cast-On

I cast on for my April socks yesterday.  These are intended as a Christmas gift for my youngest son, and this, my friends, marks the SECOND (yes, SECOND!!!!!!) Christmas gift I will have completed this year!  Do you know what this means?  No last minute rush of knitted madness, frantically stitching in the middle of the night from December 1st through the 24th trying to finish every last gift.... not this year!  Nope!  I'm planning ahead!

Well, maybe.  I'll probably still be frantically stitching because I always think of new recipients at the last minute, and even when its 11:45 p.m. on Christmas Eve and I remember that I forgot to knit a hat for the UPS person, I think, "15 minutes to go.... I can DO this!!!!"  I think I'm addicted to adrenaline or something.  Because nothing says adrenaline like pointy sticks and yarn!!!!

I digress... a lot.  Back to socks!  Here is the cast-on picture, which I took against the backdrop of my baby daughter.  I realized her out…

Happy Easter! And Quick Shawl Update...

I hope you all are having a great Easter! 

I only have a minute here, but wanted to share that I FINALLY got the ends woven in on the shawl; here it is pre-blocked:
And here it is on the blocking boards, blocking as we speak!!!!!:

Tomorrow I will post pics of the finished project!!!!  YAY!!!  Have a great Sunday!

Slytherin Penguin Sweater

I knit charity items as often as I can.  A few months ago, I knit a sweater for the Penguin Foundation.  This foundation works to preserve the habitat of these precious little penguins, and I anytime I can combine my love for animals with my knitting addiction, I'm all over it!

....and as if that wasn't enough, I have to go and mix in my Harry Potter obsession as well.  I'm starting to think that my life is just one giant attempt to unify all of my favorite things... make fandoms collide... and I tell ya magic happens when they do!

So right now I'm working on an Inter-House unity challenge at Hogwarts.  The deal is this:  we team up with a pal from another house (can't be someone from our house), and we work on a project together.  Though it doesn't HAVE to be the same project, it can be.  I'm working with one of my Slytherin pals, and she and I decided to celebrate each other's houses whilst also contributing to penguins in need.  I'm crafting a Sl…

Green Smoothies

I love green smoothies!  It is an excellent way to pack in some extra veggies in your day, as well as get a nice shot of nutty protein and other healthy goodness.  There are umpteen million recipes out there; the following two are my favorites.  One of them I developed myself, and requires a few more ingredients.  The other is super simple and comes from Tara Stiles' blog (link below).  If you are pressed for time but still want to get a jolt of healthy green energy, go for that one!

First, Tara's recipe (and you can find this on her blog here):

Green Dream
1 Banana
1 big handful of Spinach
1 Cup of Almond Milk

Super simple, right?  Now here's my recipe; I drink this at least a few times a week.  Its a great "meal" shake; super yummy and healthy!

 (Note:  As you get used to drinking green drinks, start experimenting; try kale instead of spinach!  Definitely make sure you have a high-powered blender like a Vitamix to get all those little bits chopped up.  Th…

Coming Soon: Finished Shawl!

This week has been crazy.  In addition to the normal hectic-ness of work, school, and now soccer, I've been planning a party for my kids, baking goods for the worldwide vegan bake sale, and sending out press releases for an event I volunteered to help out with.  Its been nonstop, go-go-go, then pass out on the pillow at 9:30 p.m.  Usually I go to bed and knit or read for awhile... not this week!  I barely remember pulling the covers up before I'm out like a light!

Consequently, I've hardly knit a stitch this week.  On Sunday (or was it Monday?) I actually FINISHED the shawl!  Okay, yes, it was Sunday.  I remember because I was watching "Titanic" and trying to relax before the onslaught of the crazy week ahead.  You all watch "Titanic" to relax too, right?  ;)  Anyway, I decided I didn't need no stinkin' pattern, and since I had memorized it by this time, kept stitching away, thinking it was my final repeat.

My Spidey senses started tingling and …

Malfoy Manor's Albino Peacock

Last week I crocheted this albino peacock, modeled after the one featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  The Malfoy Manor has them wandering around the grounds... how cool would that be?  Anyway, this was for a Potterwatch challenge.
I'm really happy with how he turned out.  I do not like to knit small toys or small objects that have tiny, intricate parts.  I have knit a few toys before, but I just hated it.  Anything that fussy rubs me the wrong way.  Interestingly enough, though, I totally love crocheting toys and small objects!  It doesn't irritate me at all.  What can I say, I'm a complicated person!  ;)

Anyway, having said that, I've only been crocheting for a few years and would still consider myself a novice.  Some of the toys I made in the past were... well, less than perfect.  I attribute that to crafty laziness.  It is not a quality that I have an abundance of, but every once in awhile that Leo laziness rears its ugly head in my crafting life and u…

Osgood Scarf Progress

I haven't been able to work on this scarf much lately because of the shawl and a very busy schedule, but it is sitting in my knitting basket calling to me every day!  I love how it is coming out and I can't wait to get back to it.  Thankfully we are heading into warmer weather now, so I have a few months to work on it before it starts to get cold again.
The 1x1 rib is not troublesome at all.  I knit a large baby blanket for my daughter last year, and it was done in linen stitch.  While this is not the same as 1x1 rib, it is similar in that you have to move the position of the yarn with each stitch.  Thanks to that blanket project, I got really used to doing this and it doesn't bother me in the least.  This is progress, because several years ago, I had wanted to knit a shrug that began with four inches of 1x1 rib.  After only a few rows, I abandoned and frogged the project because I hated doing the 1x1 rib.  This cracks me up now!  I guess I will have to revisit that projec…

More Shawl Progress...

The shawl is chugging along nicely!  Its so long now, I'm only fitting in 2-4 rows a night, but I love knitting this thing so much.  Its beautiful!!!!!!!  I expect to be done with it in a week or so, and then get to blocking!

The pattern is super easy and memorizes nicely.  I sometimes forget where I am when I'm distracted by one of my kids or a TV show, but its easy to figure out where I'm at if I stop and look (this happens more often than I'd like to admit!).  I am quite pleased with how beautifully this yarn is knitting up.  Yay!

Just For Fun: You Must Be a Weasley!

I had to reblog this awesome post from my friend, Jen.  She is a seriously amazing crocheter, and her projects never cease to inspire me!  I think this one might be my favorite, though.... and no wonder!  Not only is it gorgeous, but anything to do with Molly Weasley, I'm down!  :)  Way to go, Jen!

Just For Fun: You Must Be a Weasley!: Harry Potter fans know that being a Weasley means ginger hair and second hand robes... but is also means the kind of warm family craziness...