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Long-Distance Shawlette Progress

I am LOVING this shawl!  I cast on two days ago: Then I managed to royally screw up two consecutive rows (and, of course, I didn't notice it until I had knit a few more rows), which meant I got to spend most of my crafting time yesterday tinking.  Tinking lace is always fun.... NOT!  Thankfully its the beginning of the shawl so it went quickly.  This pattern is not at all difficult; I just wasn't paying attention.  Classic. After that minor setback, I've been back on track and am now zooming through the fourth repeat (fourth of twelve... or possibly more if I want it to be bigger).  I LOVE this pattern, its easy enough that I am able to do it while my kids are running around screaming like crazed hooligans, but it requires enough attention to keep me interested! And oh how I LLLOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEE lace!!!!!  Are there knitters out there who do NOT like lace?  Is such a thing even possible?  I love it so much, that when I'm knitting it, I wonder why the heck I bo

Hufflepuff Shawl KAL/ Vickie Howell's Long-Distance Shawl KAL

I'm doing two KAL's in one this coming month!  My Hufflepuff pals and I are doing a shawl KAL, in which you can choose any pattern and any yarn.  I'm also joining in on Vickie Howell's current KAL (they appear in each issue of *Knit Simple* magazine).  I've done some Vickie Howell KALs before and I love them.  There is a group on Ravelry and Facebook that you can join to see how others are doing, too! Today is the official cast-on date for the Hufflepuff Shawl KAL, and I've got my supplies ready! I'm using Annie Yarn Madison worsted in O'Tealy.  I don't know if you can see from the picture, but it is crazy gorgeous... lots of tealy, greeny, bluey shades all mishmashed together in three skeins of gorgeousness.  Last night I got the yarn wound up into cakes, and as silly as it may sound, I hated to unskein these!!!  The skeins were beautifully braided, and call me crazy, but there is just something beautiful about a lovely yarn wrapped up into its

March 2014 Socks COMPLETE!

I finished, yay!  Phew!  These turned out great and I'm so excited to have knit my FIRST pair of socks WITHOUT A PATTERN!!!!  When I originally set my resolution to knit 12 pairs in 2014, I figured the cool thing that would come out of that would be that, at the end of the year, I'd have 12 spiffy pairs of handknit socks.  What I did NOT expect, however, was that I would become so familiar with sock structure that I could finally knit an improvised sock without any pattern-help.  Yay!  I remember when I got to this point with knitting hats a few years ago, and it was pretty exciting.  Someday I will get there with sweaters, too!  I love knitting! Anyway, here are the socks in their completed glory: Start Date:   March 22, 2014 Finish Date :  March 25, 2014 Intended Recipient:   My son, as a Christmas gift Yarn:  Vanna's Choice (one of my all-time fave yarns!) Needles:   US Size 8 (Knit Picks Harmony Interchangeable Circular needles) Pattern :  NONE!  Improv

March 2014 Socks: FURIOUSLY Knitting!

After all my hullabalooing (yes, that is a word... okay not really but it is now!) about how I wanted to ditch my 12-Socks-In-2014 resolution, here I am determined to make the deadline!  And I will, actually... I'm almost done with the second sock.  I let myself off a little bit easy and decided to knit a child-sized pair, which are intended as a Christmas gift for one of my sons.  I am proud of myself for two reasons: 1.  I am knitting a CHRISTMAS gift.  In MARCH.  Normally I save the Christmas knitting for two weeks before Christmas, and maybe, just maybe, I am actually learning my lesson and doing it early this year.  I have four kids and therefore four pairs of socks and four hats to knit before Holly Jolly Time (and that doesn't count the knitted gifts I want to make for hubby and other recipients) so really it makes sense to start now.  Proud of myself. 2.  I totally wanted to give up on this goal a few weeks ago, when really I just needed a little break from sock kni


Well, here I go again!  Let me tell you a little secret about myself:  I have CRAZY amounts of enthusiasm when starting a project (or goal).  Like, WOAH-crazy amounts!!!!!  With the amount of start-up energy I am able to generate with this enthusiasm, I could launch a rocket into outer space or possibly even power a small nation (singlehandedly).  Its true.  Pretty great quality to have, don't you think? Enter:  THE PROBLEM.  The problem is, I start off strong but burn out SUPER fast.  I'm not known for my staying power when it comes to long-term goals.  This quality goes hand-in-hand with my extremely impatient tendencies as well.  However, I have come to accept this about myself.  I don't really sweat it anymore.  When I was younger, I would beat myself up after abandoning yet another goal that no longer interested me (long before it came to fruition, I might add).  Now, though, I'm either so used to it that it no longer bothers me, or I have reached a level of self