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February's Socks: Start to Finish!

February has been busy!  Between getting ready for Valentine's Day parties for my kids in school, watching the Olympics, and participating in a knitting Olympic-like event (more about that later)... it has been a crazy month!  And, of course, we mustn't forget I've got FOUR KIDS.  Every month is a crazy month!!! Anyway, because of all the hullabaloo, I didn't get my cast-on pictures posted.  So this month's sock journey will all take place in ONE post.... and who knows, maybe this will become the way I do it every month... you never know with my life! On February 7, I cast on for this month's socks.  I chose a yarn that has been in my stash for years, and I always thought it was too pretty to use unless I found the "perfect" project.  We all know, though, that there is no such thing as a perfect project, and I've vowed to use my pretty yarns in the here and now so that they don't languish in my stash forever!  I also liked this yarn for Feb