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Waiting for Baby

In between all of the holiday hullabaloo, we have also been doing everything we can to get prepared for our newest little one's arrival.  I finally got my hospital bag packed after a brief visit to the hospital two weeks ago.  At the time I was in need of a procedure that could possibly induce labor or necessitate a c-section, so having my bag packed suddenly went from "I'll-do-it-when-I-feel-like-it" to "priority #1". Thankfully by the time I got to the hospital and was all hooked up to the monitors we found out the procedure was no longer necessary.  So while I was not super pleased to be up at 6 a.m. for what turned out to be nothing, it was a good dry run!  My hastily-packed hospital bag became an important learning experience, because I forgot a LOT of important items (like my own pillow... I remembered right away how important it is to have your own pillow!).  Ergo, the hospital bag is now packed. There was something else that I remembered througho

Christmas Come and Gone

I've been wanting to blog about the holidays but they were such a whirlwind of last-minute knitting, family get-togethers, cookie baking, and present wrapping (and unwrapping, for that matter), that blogging just kept falling lower and lower on my list of priorities. So for a quick recap, this was an epic, awesome Christmas.  We were able to spend lots of time with family, my kids had an absolute blast (which means that I had a blast, because most of my Christmas joy comes from their happiness), and did I mention there were a lot of cookies ?!?! Thanks to my obsessive-compulsive/ control-freak nature mixed with my current pregnancy, I feel like I did really well in the department of "getting-things-done."  I got about 85% of my intended Christmas knitting done, and the few things that did not get done were not intended as gifts so I don't feel so bad about that, and they can be done within the next few months (specifically individualized family Christmas orname

Best-Laid Christmas Knitting Plans

Let the holiday knitting tornado continue!  I'm actually doing pretty well, and fairly on-schedule.  Well, saying that I'm fairly "on-schedule" implies that I HAD a schedule and I really didn't.  Despite the disasters of previous years, I decided to wing it yet again and hopefully next year I'll learn that is NEVER a good idea! Back in September I chose my holiday knitting projects.  I wanted to take it rather easy, since I'm expecting baby #4 pretty much any day now, and I knew I'd be busy with baby preparations, not to mention everything that goes into creating a nice Christmas for the family.  I had originally planned to make the following: 3 monster hats, one for each of my kids 6 mini-Weasley sweater ornaments (one for each member of the family and the baby-to-be) a hat for my husband 3 pairs of mittens, one for each child That was IT.  Pretty simple, right?  And considering the fact that I was starting in September, I knew I had more