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How to make Butterbeer (Harry Potter) - The Vegan Zombie

I LOVE the Vegan Zombie!  His recipes are not only amazing, but he is so funny!  Combine delicious vegan food with hilarity (and a dash of zombies thrown in), and I'm your girl for life! However, I feel he was really trying to gain my affections with this video.  As a hardcore fan of Harry Potter, I've always wanted to try Butterbeer, but could never find a vegan recipe that I was happy with.  This one looks AMAZING!  I cannot wait to try it.  I would also like to sit down and eat an entire pitcher of the coconut milk whipped cream.... yummmmmmmmmmm!  (Don't judge; I'm pregnant!) Enjoy this wonderful video, even if you have no plans to make Butterbeer... its just fun to watch!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!  :)

Welcome to the Knitting Broomstick!

As you may have already guessed, this blog is about knitting!  I'll be posting my current projects (WIPs, FOs, and UFOs), knitting-related techniques and tidbits, and of course plenty of YARN! If you are wondering about the name for this blog, well, I hope the "knitting" part is obvious.  As for the broomstick, I love witches and magic and fantastical things.  To me, broomsticks represent that fantastical, magical side of life, and since knitting (to me!) is downright magical and brings a lot of peace and happiness into my life, well, there you go! Thank you for visiting, and I hope you'll keep coming back.  Let's get stitchin'!